2021 Korean Independence Day Event

급증하는 Covid-19와 변종 바이러스로 인해 들아오는 들아오는 8.15 행사는교민들의 안전을 위해 규모를 줄여 Esport, 온라인 역사 퀴즈 와  (Zoo) 기념식만 과 한인회관에서 진행 됩니다.

Due to increasing cases of COVID and its variants, The 2021 Korean Independence Day event has been downsized to the following commemorative events which will be held on August 13, 2021 (Fri): 

광복절 기념식 (Ceremony)

한인회관 (3630 Jewel Lake Rd), 8/13/21 (Fri), 3:30 PM

Esport Competition (e스포츠 )

한인회관, 온라인, 8/13/21 (Fri), 5PM

Esport Registration:

(Deadline extended to 8/7/21)

시상 PRIZES: Electric items of your choice
(1st $300, 2nd $200, 3rd $150 per team)

온라인 역사 퀴즈 (Trivia Game on Korean History)

Zoom, 8/13/21 (Fri), 6:00 PM 


시상 PRIZES : Electric items of your choice
(1st $200, 2nd $150, 3rd $100)

Zoom ID: 873 7179 4301, Code: 225472